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Registration and Tuition Payment Basics

New Students: Register anytime, in fact, as soon as possible. We are already enrolling for the year! Tuition will be prorated relative to your start date.
Annual Registration Fee: This is a flat, non-refundable fee, $44 per family, which is due upon initial registration and on your Anniversary date thereafter. This fee defrays administrative expenses and offers family members discounts on various Gage Center activities. 

Payment Procedures

Registration: The registration form and autopay paperwork are due at the time of enrollment. The first two weeks are free, if not completely satisfied, submit a withdrawal form into the front desk directly after the 2nd free class. Tuition (prorated for the remaining classes in the month) plus the Annual Registration Fee will be charged to the credit card on file the day after the 2nd free class. If you prefer your payment NOT be charged to the credit card on file, payments may be made by Cash, Money Order, Check, MasterCard, Visa or Discover on or before the 25th of the month prior to the due date.

Due Dates For Current Students: Tuition is charged to the guaranteed form of payment on file on the 1st of each month. You will be notified if the autopay doesn't process. If you prefer your payment not to be processed by autopay, your alternative form of payment must be received at the front desk of the Gage Center Complex on or before the 25th of the month prior to the due month. 

Invoices: Invoices for the next month are sent by email during the third week of the prior month. However, it remains your responsibility to know the due dates and to pay tuition on time. 
Late Fee: A late fee equal to 10% of the total account balance is added on the 8th of each month. Any student with a balance due on the 8th will not be allowed to participate in class until the account is current. No exceptions. 

NSF Check Policy: GAGE Center reserve the right to electronically collect any check returned for non-sufficient funds for the check amount plus a $25.00 NSF collection fee.

100% Tuition-Back Guarantee For First-Timers: If after your family's first month of classes, you are not entirely happy with our programs, we will happily refund 100% of your tuition for the session. NOTE: Our money-back guarantee is intended for families brand new to JW Performing Arts Center and the Gage Center.

Joining, Changing, Dropping Classes Mid-Season

Changing Classes Mid-Month: We will gladly accommodate class change requests, assuming there is a vacancy in your desired class. 

Dropping a Class: There are no refunds or credits for dropping a class mid-month. Your registration fee is good for one year from your original start date (as long as account is paid in full when you leave) so if you would like to come back, all you need to do is give us a call and select a class. When giving your 30-day notice, come to the front desk to complete your withdrawal form. Please, no phone calls, email, letters, or faxes. 

Medical Reason for Dropping a Class: For medical situations validated by a written acknowledgment from a licensed medical practitioner, you will be granted a tuition credit prorated from the date we receive the written acknowledgment. A retroactive request for medical credit cannot be granted, as it eliminates our opportunity to fill your vacated class spot. 

General Information

What to Wear: Girls should wear leotard and tights with hair pulled back out of face for every style besides hip-hop. In ballet, hair should be in a bun and nothing over the leo and tights, except for a ballet skirt. Boys should wear a t-shirt and shorts or pants that they can move in extremely well. Warm-up suits or sweats are fine for cooler weather. Footwear should be appropriatge for the type of dance. Jazz shoes for jazz class, ballet for ballet, tap for tap, tennis shoes for hip-hop...etc.

Please Note: 
⦁    No loose or baggy clothing in ballet
⦁    No jewelry
⦁    No gum in the studio
⦁    No food or drink (besides water) in the studio
⦁    Hair pulled back out of face and in bun for ballet
⦁    Please leave any valubles at home

A Punctuality Plea: (arrival and departure) Moms and Dads, for the sake of your child, as well as the other children, please be on time. Being late is more distressing to your child than most parents realize.

Holidays: Tuition is based on 4 weeks per month. Months with 5 weeks will serve as the make up for the various holidays throughout the year. 

Snow and Inclement Weather

JW Performing Arts Center and Gage Center rarely close because of the weather. In the unlikely event we do close, it will be announced on the Gage Center's answering machine. Gage will notify TV and radio stations, and if necessary try to call families.


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